Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What We Are Thinking (WWAT?)

This week's WWAT? is the simplest yet, comparing Google's normalized data for financial searches of 'China' with those containing 'Eurozone'. It will come as no surprise that the grip on the world's imagination which China seemed to exercise during March and April was lost pretty quickly in May as the Eurozone's crisis reasserted itself.

A similar search, comparing 'China real estate' with 'Eurozone crisis' provided a little more detail: the world has been far more interested in what Google has to say about Chinese real estate than about the Eurozone crisis until. . . . the last 10 days, actually.

Why have I chosen this chart? Partly because it allows me to run another chart, which I submit as my Spurious Chart of the Week, in which I notice the remarkable correlation between the absolute performance of the CSI 300, and the relative lookup frequencies of China and the Eurozone (both averaged over 10 days). I think you'll agree, the correlation is spooky.

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